RIPR Disc: A great alternative to Gravity Disc

RIPR Disc and Gravity Disc are among the most popular mini-frisbee selling companies. Are you having trouble making up your mind as to which brand you should go with? Don’t overlook our impartial comparison between RIPR Disc and Gravity Disc.



RIPR Disc or Gravity Disc?

RIPR Disc and Gravity Disc are well-established brands where RIPR Disc was founded in 2020 and Gravity Disc in 2019.  Both brands offer a similar lineup of products, each serving thousands of happy customers.

Their approaches are slightly different in practice. RIPR Disc has a set line of six different coloured mini-frisbees, offering multiple bundles to maximize customer value. On the contrary, Gravity Disc has changed their line of coloured mini-frisbees several times based on customer demand and offers a single bundle with no variant options.

So why should you consider RIPR Disc as a Gravity Disc alternative?


#1 - Quality control practices

All companies have at least some level of quality control in their manufacturing process, but this can vary greatly.

When it comes to quality control for RIPR Disc, all mini-frisbees are checked for quality in China, prior to being shipped over to Canada.  When the mini-frisbees arrive in Canada, we personally perform a quality check on every disc that gets shipped out.  Dissimilar to RIPR Disc, Gravity Disc ships their mini-frisbees directly to customers from China, removing a level of quality control before the product gets to the end user.

While the chance of a manufacturing defect occurring is low, you can rest assured knowing that discs are inspected for quality at RIPR Disc.


#2 - Take customer experience to the next level with more bundle options

Let's face it - customers love getting a deal no matter what they're buying.  Some common ways to achieve that are through sales or bundle deals.

RIPR Disc offers multiple bundling options to save customers hard-earned cash.  Not only does RIPR Disc offer a 6x mini-frisbee bundle with significant savings, but we also offer multiple variations of a 3x mini-frisbee bundle, both paired together with a handmade RIPR drawstring bag for storage.  Gravity Disc does offer a mini-frisbee bundle, but there are no variants, meaning the customer has no choice in the mini-frisbee colours.

Additionally, Gravity Disc has had their 50% off sale on for years.  After so long, would it really be considered a sale?


#3 - Complete company transparency

It's very common for companies to have an 'About' page to give customers some background on the company, including those who work at or run the company.

The owners of RIPR Disc (Dave & Kyle) stand behind the brand they've built and as a result, believe in carrying that transparency through to the customer.  Headshots of both Dave and Kyle can be found on their About Us page, and with some quick Googling, more details about the owners could be found as well.  While Gravity Disc does have an 'Our Story' page, there is no mention of any employees, where the company is operated from or who runs the company.

RIPR Disc believes transparency has value and is motivated to pass that onto the customer.


#4 - Supports sustainability initiatives for the environment

Companies typically like to support an ongoing cause to make a positive impact on the world.

RIPR Disc currently supports and 5% of every sale (mini-frisbees, merchandise, etc.) goes to supporting saving the world's oceans.  As the owners of RIPR Disc live in Vancouver, British Columbia, health of the world's ocean is always top of mind.  By supporting RIPR Disc, you are also supporting the health of our world's ecosystem.  Gravity Disc currently is not supporting any initiative - at least not publicly.

When you buy with RIPR Disc, you can buy knowing you are supporting a greater cause, while still getting the satisfaction of having fun!


Final thoughts

We hope we've outlined several reasons why RIPR Disc is a great alternative to Gravity Disc.  Don't wait any longer - head over to grab your own mini-frisbee bundle now!